Do you have services you render to humanity? Then this article is for you. MTN caller feel is a new service from MTN Nigeria to make everybody express their mind to their caller by using a text message service to notify their caller each time their phone number is been dialed.

How can MTN caller-feel help me grow my Business & personality?

Each time your caller/client dials/calls your phone number, MTN caller feel displays a pop-up text message on the phone screen of the caller, prompting the caller to read and probably follow the call to action you have in your pop-up text. And one good thing about this pop-up message is that MTN caller-feel makes it a must read, in that it doesn’t disappear unless the caller exits it by self.

How can MTN caller-feel generate traffic to my blog?

Just as we have explained in the paragraph above, with MTN caller feel you can insert your blog link and a little description to make people click on your blog address to check out what they really need, all your caller will receive this message on their phone as a screen message and that’s a chance for you to build another set of visitors to your blog.

NOTE: For those that registered in affiliate campaigns, you can easily put a catchy sentence and then add your affiliate link in the pop-up text message, so that you can channel your callers to your link immediately, instead of begging people on social media to click your link. HOPE YOU GRAB!



How to activate MTN caller feel

To activate just send “yes” or “reg” without quote to 50016 and follow the messages you will receive after that as shown below:

(1) A CONFIRMATORY TEXT MESSAGE: After sending “yes” or “reg” without quote to 50016. You will automatically receive a text message (from 50016) that reads as shown below:

“Y’ello! You have successfully subscribed to MTN CallerFeel monthly service and 5.00 deducted from your account. It will be renewed on 2016-10-01. To unsubscribe, text stop to 50016. Always wanted to be a blogger? Click on http://mblog.ng/?order?un=%P to get started.”

(2) CALL TO ACTION TEXT MESSAGE: You will equally receive this message which prompts you to send the text that you would want to display as pop up message on the mobile phone screen of whosoever calls you. The text message reads as follows:

“You have 25 free updates to change your pop up message on CallerFeel. Send your update to 50016 now.”

ON RECEIVING THIS MESSAGE: Send the text you would want to display (on the mobile phone screen of whosoever calls you) to 50016.

NOTE: The text character limit allowed is 113 or 100 with emoticon and text. Don’t exceed it…

Just make your text so simple and catchy.

If your text exceeds the limit they will send you a text that reads as follows:

“Sorry, your CallerFeel message is empty or you have exceeded the text character limit of 113 or 100 with emoticon and text. Please revise your message and send again to 50016. 5 tunez for N100! Text 31 to 4100 to get 5 of Oritsefemi’s Callertunez at N100/mth”

On receiving this text, don’t get frustrated, just make your text so simple and catchy (ensuring that it doesn’t exceed the character limit allowed, which is 113 or 100 with emoticon and text).

ON A SUCCESSFUL SUBSCRIPTION; you will receive a message that reads as shown below:

Y’ello! Your CallerFeel has been updated to “YOUR_TEXT”

For example:

“Y’ello! Your CallerFeel has been updated to “Thanks for contacting PUREGOLD, the C.E.O puregold.com.ng. We produce FILMS and VIDEOS @ an affordable price.” @N0, You have 24 updates to go .. 5 tunez for N100! Text 31 to 4100 to get 5 of Oritsefemi’s Callertunez at N100/mth”

(3) A RENEWAL CHARGE TEXT MESSAGE: 24 hours after your registration, N50 will be automatically deducted from your account, and MTN will send you a text message that reads as shown below:

“Y’ello! Your MTN CallerFeel monthly subscription has been renewed and amount N50.00 deducted from your account. To unsubscribe, text stop to 50016. Add also add smileys & emoticons to make your message exciting. Your service will now expire on 2016-11-01.Always wanted to be a blogger? Click on http://wap.yups121.com/a.html?b=%P to get started.”


This MTN pop-up message will no doubt help you grow both your business and personality depending on:

  1. How much you receive a call from people per day.
  2. How catchy your pop-up text is.
  • Your constant renewal with N50 monthly.

NOTE: You can update the pop-up text message up to 25 times in a month.

Now! Having activated your MTN caller-feel pop-up text message, watch out for how your business and personality will grow within the twinkle of an eye.


If you found it helpful, let me know through the comment box bellow.

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Lazarus Chideraa,

C.E.O puregold.com.ng



About Lazarus Chideraa

Lazarus Chideraa (aka PUREGOLD) is a fast rising internet entrepreneur, top notch information Marketer, e-wealth chauffeur, Freelance web content manager, and a Film maker by specialty. Not long ago, he launched an entertainment promotion entitled "DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONS", targeted at promoting the helpless UPCOMMING ENTERTAINERS ( artiste, actors/actresses, Comedians, Models, M.C.s, etc.), with the vision of making this website (puregold.com.ng) the leading Nigerian website on the promotion of upcoming entertainers. As a FILM MAKER, Lazarus Chideraa, currently directs, shoots, edits and produces any kind of Video you can think of, at an affordably mind blowing price you can't get any where.
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